8 Unsolved Mysteries That Still Need to be Answered


2. Juliane Koepcke vs. Christmas

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Everyone has a Christmas horror story, whether it’s a tree igniting in the living room or some chronology ghosts haunting you for being a bad person. Still left with a unsolved mystery, and none of them hold a candle to Juliane Koepcke’s Christmas in 1971, which even John McClane would insist was pretty goddamn bad.

She suffered a broken collarbone, a swollen eye, and a nasty gash on her arm, but aside from these injuries and the trauma of surviving a goddamn plane explosion that liquefied everyone else, she was miraculously unhurt after her fall.

3. Betty Lou Oliver Survives the Fall That Killed King Kong

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More than a dozen people were killed in the crash, but among the survivors was Betty Lou Oliver, elevator operator and immortal.
The impact threw Oliver from the elevator she was standing in, and the resulting fire gave her severe burns. But it was about to get much, much worse and left with an unsolved mystery
A plane crashed into the Empire State Building so hard and fast that it gave the then-tallest structure on earth an exit wound. One of the engines blew a hole clean through the other side of the building and crashed through the roof of a building down the block.


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