8 Unsolved Mysteries That Still Need to be Answered


As modern humans with constant access to every piece of information that has ever been known, we like to think we’re pretty smart. Surely, in these times of carbon dating, digital reconstruction, and computerized archiving, we’ve learned everything there is to know about our primitive ancestors. Well, you might be surprised — there are still several major events in history that today’s scientists, even after years of extensive research, know precisely dick about. There are still, so many unsolved mysteries yet to be known.

There’s so much death in the news that we don’t really stop to appreciate the fact that humans are actually really hard to kill. Nature and man conspire to do it every day, and every day there are untold stories of people making it through via luck, training or just the power of will. Even when it seems utterly impossible. These are some Mysterious Aspects of Modern Life That No One Can Explain

Check Out These Surprising Unsolved Mysteries You Probable Didn’t Know About.

Why is Bardarbunga still erupting?

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The eruption of the Bardarbunga volcano a major unsolved mystery in Iceland began at the end of August and continues to this day. The volcano has been unique in three main ways: the enormity of its lava field, the amount of hazardous sulfur dioxide gasses it has released and the astonishing amount of sinking that has taken place in its crater.


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