Women Are Easily Attracted To These Features Of Men


The world is a huge place and life is a long time to live. It’s not possible to travel the world while being alone and hence you always need a partner. Partners are mostly your loved one or sometimes a group of friends. If you’re a woman, you might know what you want in a guy clearly and always look for the same traits without bothering. While men wonder a lot as to what women are attracted to men. Most men do it with fashion and good builds and it works for them. But, there are some other features of men that also attract women.

Below are some of the features of men that women are attracted to:

Funny Men.

Every study and real-life experiences have taught us that funny men always attract women towards them. Women believe the person who can make them laugh can keep them happy.

Men with high statuses.

Women are attracted to high bank balances and rich personalities for obvious reasons.

When age is just a number.


Don’t worry if you are a little aged. Some women fantasize about being with men older than them and want a mature father figure person. Older men even sometimes are better relationship materials for women more than their own age.


Everyone loves pets, women and men alike. Women even love their pets so much they have more value than their boyfriends. Hence, pets can make women attracted to you in ways you cannot imagine.

Red color.

attractedMen look the best in simplistic white and black. But another color people ignore is red. Not all men look good in red of course. But, those who do can win hearts at once.

Heroic Nature.

attractedMen who show a heroic or protective nature towards women often get the same affection back. Women feel safe around men who are heroic around them. Who doesn’t love their personal heroes after all?


Bearded men have a great appeal among women because of the manliness that beards give out.



Who wouldn’t like someone with a good builder who can take care of himself and make his physique attractive?

Love for children.

Men who find kids interesting always get an AWWW when they play with them from women. A person who shows interest in kids is often said to be tenderhearted according to women.

Tall Guys.


Taller men often attract women because of their physique and that being a small kid around tall person feels good for women as well.


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