Have You Ever Wondered Why Some Of The Airplanes Have Curved Wings?!


Have you ever wondered about the curved wings of the airplanes?So let me ask you what you notice and know about the flying mammoths that are known as an airplane. Of course, those upright positions you have to bear while in the aircraft. Some of you love the tall and hot air hostesses those are there assisting you. Some of you are adoring the beauty outside the window.

Oh! I remember once while traveling via airplane I noticed the wings of the airplane slightly curved.  Since then I was curious to know the reason behind it. As soon as I got time I tried to find the answer to it and let me share it with you people too. Believe me, you will be obliged to know the reason and the next time you board the plane you will surely flaunt your knowledge with the fellow passenger.

Stylish and cool!

curved airplanes wings

If you asked me the reason before I knew the answer I would have answered that it’s because when you give curved wings it looks good and stylish and enhances the beauty of the mammoth. But this is not the reason! If you too thought the same answer, read below!

Types of curves

curved airplanes wings


curved airplanes wings

Not every airplane has a curved tip. There are basically two types of curves- either bent vertically in the upward direction or oval in shape. 


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