8 Most Horrific Human Experiments Conducted In the World


The word experiment abbreviates the spirit of applying rather throbbing of an uncertain assumption of understanding on something to evolve out some desired results. However, the victims of experiment could be anything; subject with life or without. Again, some of the experiments aim at developing a new verse beneficial to mankind, whereas some turns out be a disaster where the subjects are victimized. Experiments that has its base on uncertain facts always comes with a risk in the process of execution. Various experiments have been implemented from the ages; partly resulted in the evolution of new ideas we experience the usefulness today whereas some failed drastically.

Among a uncountable number of horrific experiments executed ten horrific in them are enlisted, sure to make one have goose bumps.

 Horrific Experiment

1. Prisoners Effected With The Germs Of Malaria:

Horrific Experiment

The title is enough to shock people, malaria a deadly disease caused by mosquito bites requires enough treatment and care for curing. However, this germs causing malaria was a part of an experiment done by US, subject being the weak, helpless prisoners during that time in around 1945.

2. Disastrous Slave Experiments:

Horrific Experiment

It always remains vague to speak regarding the situational attributes of slaves and their life during the time when masters and slave did involve no harm. The torture they faced stands intolerable while various experiment made them victimized. J. Marison Sims, known to be the father of modern gynecology conducted experiments on females slaves by afflicting them with vesicovaginal fistulas, a tear caused by the vagina and bladder was truly pathetic.


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