These Are Definitely The Most Genius Puns Ever!


Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Especially when they are in the form of puns. Okay, I get it puns can be a bit annoying at times. But most of the times, they are sure to make you laugh. If you too are a fan of puns then you should definitely take a look at these genius puns!

Pun lovers, these genius puns are just for you make sure you appreciate them!

1. Oh lookie her people, just a mama cat carrying her baby in her mouth. Aww!

2. So, that is what a screenshot looks like folks!
3. In Ireland half pint beer literally means half pint!
4. Honestly, you aren’t really a big fan now are you?
5. Whatever be your cone choice we definitely have that with us, any squirrels around?
6. Ah! The feeling when spring is just around the corner is definitely one of the best feelings ever!

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7. Nothing much to see here, just a regular Indian, writing away!
8. If somebody ever asks you about what an airport layover is, just show them this picture, they’ll understand.
9. Oh look, Clinton hiding behind the Bushes. Get it? Bushes.
10. Now that’s we call stable relationship folks.
genius puns11. It seriously doesn’t look nice when you have a mole on your hand.
genius puns12. Guys this definitely should make the news tonight. A UFO caught on tape! A rare sight isn’t it?
genius puns13. This my friends is a periodic table. Wanna know its perks? Unlike the real one, you can sit on it.
genius puns14. Such sad news, a black man was beaten by NYC cops on the side of the road.
genius puns15. I guess this is what Holy Sh*t looks like! Quite divine poop you’re gonna take right about now.
genius puns

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