Reasons Why Thanos Is Not A Bad Guy


Last Year, when Avengers: Infinity War left us on a cliff-hanger of Thanos snapping his fingers and wiping out half of the population. At that time, I had only one question in mind, was he a bad guy? I know some of you might not agree with me as he destroyed planets, killed some of your favourite super-heroes and everyone who came in between the Infinity stones. However, as per my point of view, I think that he sacrificed everything including his daughter Gamora to fulfil his only goal of saving this universe. For this, he had to make a hard choice of eliminating half of the population of the Universe.

1. Overpopulation


Thanos wiped half of the universe because most of the planets are overpopulated and because of less food, most citizens starve for it. For the same reason, he lost his world and finally decided to do something about it.

2. Thanos has a Heart


When Thanos went to Vormir, he had to sacrifice someone he truly loved. So, with a heavy heart, he decided to sacrifice Gamora to retrieve the SOUL Stone from Red Skull. At the time, you might have seen him wiping his tears off.

3. His Motivation


He had only one motive, and that was to restore the balance of the Universe. So, yeah! You can say that he did this for everyone.

4. Respect for Enemies


In his eyes, Avengers were his enemies, but he acknowledged Iron Man A.K.A tony stark by his remarks of “You are not the only one who is cursed with knowledge”.

5. Man of his Word


Dr Strange decided to give the soul stone to Thanos on one condition of sparing the life of Tony Stark. After getting the stone, he fulfilled his promise.

6. Believes in No Discrimination


He wiped half of the universe without any discrimination of Rich and Poor.

7. No Personal Gain


He never used or even had a thought of using the Infinity Stones for his personal gain.

8. He loves Orphans


He showed genuine care of Gamora and shielded her from violence.

9. Too Much Trust


Thanos Trusted Gamora in the first part of Guardians of The Galaxy. However, later, she betrayed him and kept the power stone from him.

10. He wanted Peace


After the end of the Avengers: Infinity war, he decided to live a peaceful life on a farm.


Finally, Avengers Endgame is around the corner and finally, 11 years old saga of Avengers is coming to an end. We will finally get to know how the remaining super-heroes will save the lost Avengers. So, I booked my tickets for Avengers: Endgame in advance. What about you?



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