Absolutely “Brilliant” Ways To Start Your Monday!


Nobody in this entire world hasn’t cursed Monday mornings, like seriously, no matter how awesome your work is, that particular morning sucks like nothing ever sucked even worse. But, you learn to deal with it cause you need the money, not everybody in the world is lucky enough to earn off of other people’s profits. So, you go to work even if you have to drag yourself to work.

Here’s how you can get through your Monday mornings brilliantly!

1. Say hello to the morning breakfast, although you may lose your appetite after seeing the sunny eggs!

2. Okay, no time to brush, or I’ll just go and buy another one, you can definitely rest there!
3. When you know there’s no chance in hell, but you’re absolutely determined to get that barbeque going.
4. If that happens to me while I’m heading off to my workplace, I’m legit going to have a nervous breakdown then and there.
5. What excuse would you give for not showing up at work on Monday? Okay, seems like a pretty good excuse.
6. That definitely has got to be the worst beginning to your morning ever, look how calmly that man is sitting while being on the phone. They are going to be some really pissed people.

7. That is definitely enough to scare the hell out of somebody. It isn’t Halloween yet ffs!

8. Okay, Sarah, I’m getting late for my work and I don’t have the time to go to the grocery so hand me over the vegetables!

9. My porcupine wanted to be pet, the aftermath looks something like this.

10. Somebody’s definitely not having one of his best days.

11. Ew, if your manicure looks like that sister, then I’m sorry, but you need help!

12. Why does this cat look like he saw a ghost or something? Or did he actually?

13. Definition of a bad morning, this sure does make the list.

14. Looks like this was a “no blondes allowed” race.

15. I can bet you a $100 that he is going to remember this one for a really long time!


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