Pictures Showing How Our Life Has Changed A Lot Over The Last 50 Years.


Change is sometimes better, humans are always looking for ways to improve their lifestyles. And honestly, everybody wants to live a modern lifestyle, be better than what you were yesterday. But, is this change always good? Some changes can leave back long term effects that wouldn’t probably happen if we stopped this search. But, looking at the brighter side, the people on this planet are really grateful to the minds who brought about the change and made our lives a little better, 50 years later, we can say that we have made progress!

Here are a few examples that show how life has changed over the last 50 years and you’d be thankful about some of them as well!

1. Why do you even need a library when you already have the whole world of books in just a 10″ tab? Kindle has definitely been a blessing in disguise for the bibliophiles.

2. Computers earlier were as huge as bedrooms and would get heated up so quickly that one could very easily fry an egg on it. So, thank god for modern technology that you can search and do whatever you want to use a laptop.

3. One of the most socially advanced changes is that the fathers bond with their children more, earlier, only mothers were considered close enough to bond with, but now, fathers are always around when you need them.

4. Playing outdoors with your friends? What does that even mean? Honestly, this change is anything but healthy for the kids.

5. People no longer need phone booths or require to stand in queues for their turn to use the telephone, almost everybody has a phone these days.

6. You no longer need to sew your own clothes, seriously why sew when you can buy dresses at your heart’s content?

7. People now have had a much-developed fashion sense than what they had 50 years back!
50 years
8. If you don’t count this as a blessing, then you need help folks!
50 years
9. No more bank queues or having to tolerate the rude bank employees. At one swipe you can buy whatever you want to and even pay your bills.
50 years
10. People now accept different kinds of beauty and are finally beginning to understand that you aren’t accustomed to fitting into a given frame of beauty.
50 years
11. Climate changes and global warming aren’t myths, and the truth lies in front of you.
50 years
12. Thank God, people decided to improve their makeup sense!
50 years


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