15 Ancient Torture Methods Which Were Scary Af


Medieval Ages, mainly marked the growth of the power of nobles in the society. But these times also hold within it such gruesome history, the ancient torture methods, that it will surely give you goosebumps.

“Justice” those days meant only one thing, TORTURE. Ancient torture methods were so brutal that they often resulted in death of the accused. Their creators were really imaginative when it came down to torturing other people. The most sad part is that these devices for not always used to protect the “law”, the brutality of nobles knew no bounds they used them on the innocent at times just for the sake of fun. Inflicting pain on others and watch them in sheer agony was sport for them, such sadists!

I bring you 15 horrifying ancient torture methods that will send a chill down your spine, each more scary than the other.

CAUTION: People with a faint heart, please beware!

1. Tongue Teaser.

Though it looks like an over sized pair of scissors, but do not let the name fool you. It was used to effortlessly cut out the victim’s tongue. Their mouth would be forced opened with a device called a mouth opener, and then the teaser would be inserted. Once they got a grip on the tongue, the screw on it would be firmly tightened and the tongue was roughly torn out.

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2. Breast Ripper or Iron Spider.

Adultery in the medieval times didn’t have an easy escape, especially for women. As the name suggests, this device was used to tear off the breasts of the woman who was accused of adultery(or at times self-abortion). The tool was popular in the Free State of Bavaria (Germany) until the nineteenth century. The ripper made of iron was heated red hot before it was used on the accused, it would then be placed on the exposed breasts the spikes were then penetrated deep inside the skin and pulled off with a jerk causing large chunks of flesh to come off, it caused huge loss of blood. The victim either died or was degraced for life.

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3. Boiling.

In 1532, Henry VII of England, made boiling a legal form of capital punishment. It began to be used for the murderers who used poison after the Bishop of Rochester’s cook, Richard Rice mixed poison in the porridge resulting in the death of two people. A huge cauldron filled with tar, lead, oil was brought to boil, the accused was placed inside the cauldron so that he would be cooked slowly, or placed in head in the boiling liquid.

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