15 Ancient Torture Methods Which Were Scary Af


13. The Judas Cradle.

The Judas Cradle, is one the alleged form of medieval torture. The victim was made to sit on a pyramid shaped seat. The pointing end would be inserted into the anus or vagina then slowly lowered by ropes. The device would penetrate into the flesh of the victim causing incredible pain. The tear in the muscle would slowly turn septic (as the device was hardly cleaned) resulting in the death of the victim.

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14. Saw Torture.

The saw torture was widely used throughout the medieval ages. The victim was hung upside down so that the blood flow was maximum and would amplify their agony, the torturers would then saw the victim’s  body until cut in half. Sometimes, to prolong the torture they would saw only till the abdomen.

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15. Hanged, Drawn And Quartered.

Of all the ancient torture methods, this one is the most haunting. This method was implemented as the penalty for high treason in England. Though it was abolished in 1814 the horrifying torture caused thousands of death. The victim was dragged to the place of execution, hanged for neck for a short period of time (near death), followed by castration where the genitalia was burned in front of him (drawn) The victim would then be divided into four separate parts and beheaded (quartered).

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These torture methods have been abolished, but even centuries after, just mere reading can give you chilling nightmares!


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