15 Really Annoying Things People Do In The Lecture Hall


4. The one who wants to correct every little thing.

Oh so the professor said “given in the second line of the first para” but the corrector would say, “nope, it’s the third line.” Like seriously? Does that even matter? Check the first para and find it yourself. Stop annoying others in the lecture hall by correcting the unnecessary. I wonder from where they come up with such annoying things.


5. The sitting questionnaire!

Well, who wouldn’t get annoyed if someone asks the obvious? Being in the lecture hall is already intolerable and if someone continuously asks questions, the lecture just gets extended. Don’t you feel like murdering the one who keeps asking questions in the lecture hall?

Annoying things in the lecture hall

6. Keeps answering even when not asked.

One of the most annoying things is the conversation with the teacher. These kids act like they know everything and would answer to everything or comment on everything the teacher says. Even when not asked. I mean, just let the teacher teach and go.

Annoying things in the lecture hall



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