Artist From Portugal Imagines What Famous Art Icons Would Look Like In Modern Day


From Vincent Van Gough to Frida Kalho through Salvador Dali, Publo Picaso and scores of other famous painters, each of them has given a unique distinction to art and painting. Each of them has had something unique in their painting that still charms art loving people. However, most of them themselves were also subjects of discussion, especially among the art fraternity.

Many of them had really colorful life. Reimagining them in the current sociocultural backdrop can give you a fresh perspective of their life and times. Indeed, depicting a character in keeping with the prevailing sociocultural backdrop requires lot of imagination. Conversely, if you have the imagination you can come up with a reimagined image of the personality that you are eager to imagine.

An artist from Porto in Portugal has done just that. He has imagined the persona of artists like Vincent Van Gough, Salvador Dali, Frida Kalho, Publo Picaso etc in different settings that relate to modern lifestyle and sociocultural landscape. The theme of the paintings is influenced by painters of previous times who became famous for their iconic works as well as their lifestyle and demeanor. We cannot go back to those days, but we can certainly imagine our favorite painters in today’s settings. The artist has presented those old legends in a way that it feels like they are the heroes of modern times. It definitely is an exquisite creation.

Something that strikes the viewer of these paintings at first glance is that the artist has an knack for giving a modern outlook to depict the art icons. In fact, he has imagined Monalisa in so many different settings and situations that it seems to be a real girl in the modern times. Yet, the quintessential amicable smile of Monalisa is intact in each frame. The same is true for Salvador Dali.

Let’s take a look at some of his magnificent work below.

1. Frida Kahlo


2. Mona Lisa


3. Salvador Dali


4. Frida Kahlo And Pablo Picasso


5. Mona Lisa


6. Salvador Dalí


7. Vincent Van Gogh


8. Salvador Dalí


9. Mona Lisa


10. Frida Kahlo


11. Mona Lisa


12. Vincent Van Gogh


13. Mona Lisa With A Pearl Earring Girl


14. Mona Lisa


15. Salvador Dalí

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