Few Myths ROMCOMS Have Forced Us To Believe In!


4) The moment of realization comes only when someone is heading towards the airport!

Honestly, initially it was good for adding some excitement to the climax but this plot is being used way too much now! We do have other important purposes to stay in the city other than our crush. Why would we need to just run towards the airport to fly off and never come back as soon as somebody breaks our heart! Show that ‘airport proposal scene’ a red signal and bring on something freshman.

Myths by ROMCOMS

5) Misunderstandings never come to an end!

Life may be complicated as hell but it’s not a spider web in which we get trapped more & more and never manage to come out of it. We do have our share of fights with our loved ones but we know how to make things back to as they were. Moreover, people around us have lives of their own. They have a lot of other businesses apart from creating misunderstandings in our love-life. In reality, we have a job to manage, a house to look after and moments to enjoy…… not just plenty of leisure time to play the ‘break-up & patch-up’ game!

Myths by ROMCOMS

6) A cafeteria is booked exclusively for our friends!

And we can hang out there for as long as we want even though we don’t order anything! Every important decision is taken there, every serious matter is discussed there and every first & last meeting is held there. The bigger irony is…… you can spend your entire day having a chit-chat with your friends still you manage to earn a great living for yourself. How come this never happens to us!

Myths by ROMCOMS

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