New Belle Doll From Beauty And The Beast — It’s Not What We Expected!


The buyers had the option to either choose the original Disney store body or the alternate taller body. And bidding with two days to go was at $3,300.

The New Belle Doll from Beauty and the Beast

Noel is a self-taught artist who began drawing as a young boy growing up in the Philippines.He says repainting the dolls begins with the hairstyle. He also says while explaining his art that, ‘Hairstyling is a very arduous process. Depending on the style, it may be cut first, then small curlers are set into the hair, which gives it a perm. The next step is the removal of the factory paint with a fine tipped cotton bud.’

All this sounds way too interesting. But still even after such detailing the first attempt at making the Emma version of Belle Doll had turned out to be an epic fail.

The New Belle Doll from Beauty and the Beast

He adds that after that he outlines the features in free-hand style using a photograph of the person being painted. He says as for the features he first dives in for the eyes of the person and then continues on till the doll is completed with all its features.

And his 40hours of hard work to recreate a better and accurate doll left the shoppers in hysterics after spotting the original Disney doll. The wait did pay later!

The New Belle Doll from Beauty and the Beast

Soon after hitting shelves, images began circulating on Flickr and Twitter comparing the doll to Justin Bieber. 

Comments like ‘When you order an Emma Watson doll online but a Justin Bieber doll in a yellow dress and a wig arrives instead.’

 ‘They thought they made a nice Emma as Belle Doll but instead, they made a Justin Bieber doll.’

Started circulating around. 


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