15 Most Bizarre Foods From Around The World That Will Make You Lose Your Appetite!


Well, unless you’re Andrew Zimmern, you’re probably accustomed to “normal” foods. But, you’ll be surprised to know that there are people who eat such dishes that’ll probably want to make you lose your appetite. From eating an octopus alive to eating fermented carcass, these are some of the most bizarre foods from around the world.

Here are 15 most bizarre foods from around the world! Hope you don’t throw up the next time you see food!

1. Hakarl- fermented Shark Carcass.

Yep, you heard that right! In Iceland eating a carcass is no big deal. Supposedly it is a rare delicacy.

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2. Fried Brain Sandwich.

So first they serve you liver, then they serve you the kidney. Oh wait, you have the brain as well. In the USA, they serve you fried brain sandwich!

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3. Rocky Mountain oysters.

So what would you do if somebody presented a plate full of animal innards? Yeah, I’ll puke too. In Canada, you will see that everywhere.

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4. Fried Lizards.

Now, what else can you expect from China, the land of bizarre foods? Can you imagine eating a fried lizard from the wall on your plate?

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5. Insect Chocolate.

All you chocolate lovers, grab your tissues. Imagine you’re about to take the first bite of your chocolate and you see an insect sitting on top of it. Word of caution: never eat chocolates from Poland.

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6. Tuna Eyeballs.

WHAT?? Last time I checked that was not eatable. When did this happen? And here I was dreaming about the cuisines in Japan.

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