Celebs Use These Sneaky Hacks To Get The Perfect Instagram Pictures!


Finding out ways to get the perfect picture isn’t something that just we do, even our favorite Hollywood celebrities are trying different methods to get the perfect Instagram picture. But, what are these sneaky hacks that they are using to look absolutely flawless? Take a look.

Here are some of the sneaky hacks that the celebrities are using to get the perfect picture!

1. Hair one side instead of both.

This hack is definitely a good one, it helps you define your jawline and gives to cheekbones a sharp look.

2. The smize method.

To smile with your eyes squinting slightly is what we call the smize method. This gives your smile a more authentic look without even having to move your lips.

3. Pressing your tongue against your palate.

This method is really effective when there isn’t any makeup on, it will help your jawlines and cheekbones look really fleek!

4. Shooting from above.

I guess all of us selfie addicts have found out this hack to improve your pictures. Well, shooting pictures from above tends to make your face look smaller and even hides your double chin.

5. Pursed Lips.

If you’re not a big fan of pouting, you can use this pursed lips technique by tightening your nose muscles that will give your upper lips a poutier look.

6. Laughing smile. 

I don’t know why people hesitate to show their big bright teeth showing a smile, it instantly puts a glow on your face and gives you a genuinely beautiful picture.

7. Always use your left profile.

When it comes to girls, usually the left profile is much better than the right one. So, next time you’re taking a picture, you’ll know exactly which side to reveal.
sneaky hacks
8. Chin Down.

One of the most effective ways to pose for a picture, thanks to Tyra Banks who revealed this technique on America’s Next Top Model. This trick makes you look flirty and feminine in-a-go.
sneaky hacks
9. Squinting eye technique.

Narrow your eyes and give a tiny hint of a smile. This is sure to raise your cheekbones and make you look younger!
sneaky hacks
10. Look away from the camera.

Fake candids? Well, yeah looking away from the camera makes you less camera conscious and you end up with a really good picture!
sneaky hacks


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