Children Of The Most Beautiful Women In The World!


They say you get your beauty from your mom, especially if you’re a girl, your mother’s beautiful features are definitely going to pass down to you. These children are really lucky to have been blessed with the genes of their mothers as they are as gorgeous as their mums. So, are you ready to see how the children of the most beautiful women in the world look like?

These most beautiful women in the world have absolutely gorgeous children!

1. It is obvious that if your mom looks so stunning you’re definitely going get her charm and beauty, Natalia Vodianova’s sons and daughter look absolutely spectacular!
most beautiful women

2. I don’t think anybody is immune to the looks and charms of the gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio, this Victoria’s Secret Angel has gorgeous children who are at par with her beauty.
most beautiful women
3. Candice Swanepoel was also an Angel till 2012, she is now the face of many makeups and perfume companies. She has two beautiful sons, Anaca and Ariel.
most beautiful women
4. Heidi Klum’s daughter Helene Boshovene is even leaving her mother behind when you take a look at her beauty and physique.
most beautiful women
5. Kim Basinger’s daughter Ireland Baldwin is definitely blessed with both her parent’s genes and it is no surprise that she is keen on following her mother’s footsteps.

6. The first supermodel and an icon of the 60s, Twiggy and her daughter Carla are best friends as long as the bond goes. She is very fond of her daughter and hopes that she too gets a taste of success.

7. Like mother, like daughter, Kate Moss’s daughter is following her mother’s footsteps in the modeling industry and is already the face of Marc Jacobs makeup line. Looks like the girl owes her features to her mother.

8. Cindy Crawford’s children Kaia and Presley and definitely winning the looks race thanks to their supermodel mom!

9. The Dutch model is already known for her unique looks, Doutzen Kroes’ children though look a lot like their father but definitely have their mother’s charm.

10. Irina Shayak and Bradley Cooper’s daughter is really in it to win it, though she looks super cute now, only time will tell whose charms and good looks she adopts.

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