15 Gym Myths Which Won’t Let You Achieve Your Dream Body Shape.


Gyming is something that is more of a trend nowadays among all age groups. People are well aware of their health and fitness. Gyms, fitness training centers etc. are part of our lives now and this is something that is really appreciable. But are we doing it the right way? Nope. There are ample numbers of Gym Myths believed by us that ultimately causes harsh effects on our body.

1. The more you sweat, the more you burn.

This is possibly one of the most spread gym myths about gyming and fitness training. As a result, you end up torturing your body so as to sweat way more than usual. Does that help? No, it doesn’t. Sweating cools your skin and regulates internal body temperature. Consider it as water loss instead of fat loss.

Gym myths which we all need to stop believing.


2. Spot Reduction is possible. 

Spot Reduction i.e. reducing the weight of one particular area is something that doesn’t work without a surgery. You just cannot get a flat abdomen by performing abs or crunches. Make sure that you follow a specific schedule. Squats, dips, dead lifts, shoulder presses can be included too. Make sure that you aren’t focusing on reducing the weight of a particular area by performing respective exercises.

Gym myths which we all need to stop believing. Via

3. No pain, No gain.

This statement has been ruling our minds since time infinity. But it is nothing more than a myth which doesn’t make any sense at all. Little fatigue or burnout is okay but you shouldn’t continue if the pain exceeds. Consult your trainer and make sure that you aren’t suffering any injuries.

Gym myths which we all need to stop believing. Via


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