16 Things You Do In A Romantic Relationship Which Would Otherwise Seem Super Creepy


10. Calling them almost like 100 times in a row if they don’t pick up

In a relationship– Because you have the right to call them as many times as you want

Stranger-danger– Mini-heart attacks every time an unknown number pops up on your phone, at least after the 50th call.relationship creepy


11. Knowing even their pooping schedule

In a relationship– You even know what triggers the, um, downward journey, if you what I mean.

Stranger-danger– This would be the limit of someone stalking you, knowing you pooping time. I can’t decide between gross and extreme levels of creepiness.

relationship creepy


12. Knowing his size, not that “size” his cloth measurement dumba**. Head out of the gutter, please

In a relationship– Who knows when you have the sudden urge to buy him those leather pants he talked about last summer?

Stranger-danger– Mr. unknown knows your size? HOW?? *gaping like a fish without air*

relationship creepy



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