Every Young Couple In Love Tend To Make These Mistakes!


Relationships aren’t easy, you think getting someone to say yes puts an end to your efforts. But, I can’t even begin to tell you how wrong that is. It always needs constant efforts, to cherish and to love the person and to do anything and everything possible to make your bond stronger. But, every young couple in love tends to do these common mistakes which end their relationship too soon.

These are some of the most common mistakes that every young couple tend to make in a relationship!

1. Not being emotionally available.

young couple

Like I said, your efforts should stop after she/he says yes. You’ve got to be emotionally involved in a relationship, then only your partner will be able to share their thoughts and fears with you.

2. To ask them to adapt according to your preferences.

young couple

He/she was a different person before they met you, and will continue to be the same person. If their habits aren’t harmful or disrespectful you just can’t expect them to change just because you want them to be according to your preferences.

3. Lack of communication. 

I often see couples ending up really abruptly and on bad terms because of lack of communication, you may be busy with your studies and works but if you love your partner the least you can do is make time for them no matter when that might be in a day.

4. Expecting them to agree with you on everything.

young couple

You just cannot expect a person to say yes to everything that stands right in your opinion. They are a different person and they too have their own set of opinions which you should know how to respect.

5. Letting misunderstanding pertain.

Please, don’t do this. Lose this attitude if you possess it to let your partner assume whatever they feel like. This isn’t how relationships become stronger. If they are having any unnecessary doubts regarding you, it becomes your job to clear them out.

6. Avoiding arguments cause you don’t want to “ruin” your peace.

young couple

When two people are together there are bound to be some clash of opinions and hence arguments at a certain point of time. But, if you constantly try to avoid them you’ll be losing your interest soon and would want to give up.

7. Not accepting when you’re at fault.

young couple

This is one of the most common mistakes that a young couple makes is not accepting your fault. How hard it is to put your ego aside and apologize? If you really love someone accepting your fault shouldn’t have to be that hard.

8. Holding on to your grudges.

Is there any place for holding on grudge in a loving relationship? I don’t think there should be. Let go of your grudges against your partner and nurture your relationship, it doesn’t have to be tit-for-tat always.

9. Allowing a third person to interfere.

We often have the tendency to involve third support either to gain their support or to sort out the differences that we have. Stop doing that, it isn’t healthy to involve somebody else between the two of you.

10. Not responding to your partner’s physical needs.

Let’s be very honest, physical attraction towards your partner is a part of a relationship. And it is your responsibility to respond to his/her needs, if you don’t pay attention to their physical needs, they might begin to show a lack of interest.


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