Beware! These 18 Facts Taught During School Times Are Absolute Lies.


7. Bats are blind. 

No, they cannot be classified under the category of ‘Blind’. Though they do have tiny eyes and a nocturnal lifestyle. Some of the species out of 1,100 known Bats do use their vision. Scientists have researched that they can differentiate between different patterns and possibly colors too.

18 lies taught during school times.


8. Multivitamins are good for your health. 

Undoubtedly, staying fit is one of the fashion trends today. People tend to achieve the desired body shape and for that they often end up gulping multivitamins. That is what we are taught in school. Well, they forget to inform us about the study which says that people taking multivitamins often die younger. Multivitamins can lead to some serious health complications.

18 lies taught during school times.Via

9. The curious theory of light bulb.

If I ask you people that who invented the light bulb, most of you will scream in unison that Edison was the person to do so. Nothing new. This is also one of the very famous lies taught in schools. Edison just worked upon the idea of 22 other men involved in this research. He improved the filament and made the bulb light last longer.

18 lies taught during school times.Via 


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