Beware! These 18 Facts Taught During School Times Are Absolute Lies.


13. Humans evolved from the Apes.

Undoubtedly, humans do share common ancestors with apes but both of these species count in two different lineages. Both of the species were formed separately over 6 million years ago. We’re in the same taxonomic family but this statement is definitely not true.

18 lies taught during school times.


14. Germany lost World War I.

World War I ended in armistice. So how do you expect any winners out of it? Germany accepted to negotiate truce and lost on a diplomatic table. Originally November 11 was also named as Armistice Day before it was misinterpreted to be Rememberance Day.

18 lies taught during school times. Via

15. You can see the Great Wall of China from Moon.

One of the hilarious lies taught in school. During school times this was classified as one of the very rare facts. Though the truth is quite different. You cannot see it even from the lowest orbit of International Space Station. Fun fact is that it was cleared by one of the Chinese astronauts, Yang Liwei.

18 lies taught during school times. Via 


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