12 Facts About The Weasley Twins Which You Might Have Missed!


Apart from the main characters, if you are not fond of the Weasley twins, you are not a real Harry Potter fan! The Red-headed twins kept the charm of the whole series alive by their pranks. These two pranksters have been the ones who brought in humor in the otherwise serious series! Well, I love them to the core and who wouldn’t! They can steal the show anytime by their pranks and quick-wit comebacks!

The Harry-Potter series would not be complete without the adorable Weasley twins! If you think I am saying too much, let me refresh your memory a bit. Umm, how about I give you a little more facts that you might have missed! So, here we go…

1. Birthday of the Weasley twins… that makes sense!

The twins were born on 1st April 1978. Pranksters from Day 1!

Fred and George Weasley


2. Do you know which year they were in the pilot? 

The Weasley twins were in their third year… and this is how they used to be!

Fred and George Weasleyvia

3. They hit “You know Who” in the face!

Unknowingly, though! But that was Awesome. Back in book one, the twins get in trouble for bewitching snowballs to follow Quirrell around and bounce off the back of his turban…

Fred and George Weasleyvia 


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