5 Reasons Prison Break II Wouldn’t Be As Good As The Original


We all know Prison Break is making a comeback after a gap of 6 long years. Although most of the fans are pretty excited for the sequel, some of us are left confused with the decision to bring back, although a Hit series, once again to the TV sets.

Does the TV Series actually need a reboot is something that has led to several speculations?

We try to figure out the reasons Prison Break II wouldn’t be as good as the original.

1. It wouldn’t be new.

Admit it, the reason Prison Break worked so well with the viewers was the fact that it was new and completely different from anything we had ever seen before. Add to it the many plot twists and slick writing that kept us excited and almost drooling for more.

Prison Break II
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But, we have seen one too many seasons of Prison Break already. It would be very difficult to keep the plot interesting and pace up.

2. Original Characters will be missed.

Some of my personal favorite characters included John Abruzzi, Brad Bellick, and James Whistler to some extent. Since these all characters died in the original (spoiler alert?), it would be interesting to see how the producers manage to bring newer characters in the same light.

Prison Break II
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3. It kind of lost its appeal after the second season.

As much as we love the series, we all would admit that sending the inmates back to prison, albeit a new one in Sona, was overly clichéd and sort of imposing on the viewers. It felt like the series is going nowhere and just to keep the ratings running, an unnecessary plot has been added. The third, fourth and the Final Break – all were below par if we compare it to the brilliant first season.


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