14 Behind The Scenes Secrets From Your Favorite Movies That You Don’t Wanna Miss!


If you’re crazy about movies as I am, you’re definitely gonna love this. You see people like us, crave for the tiny details about our favorite movies. But you wanna know the best part? Behind the scenes! Yep, nothing is more exciting than knowing the secrets behind the scenes! If you too wanna know what the secrets are, keep reading on!

Here are 30 behind the scenes from your favorite movies that you don’t want to miss!

1. Suicide Squad.

behind the scenes from your favorite movies


That was a really awesome movie and definitely one of my favorite movies. But for those who are wondering what was Batman doing in the movie, let me tell you that it makes perfect sense. Here’s why, most of the villains featuring the suicide squad are from his line of comic books. But the costume Harley Quinn is seen wearing is not the original one. The original one is more like a jester suit with a skirt and a corset. So basically same character with a different version of the costume.

2. Wonder Woman.

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So, many of the boys lost their heart when as soon as they got a first look at Wonder Woman (I know you’ll agree!). But did you wonder that her costume looks a little familiar? Um, Not the DC’s original series kinda familiar. If you look closely you’ll find Zack Synder playing a soldier.

3. Beauty And The Beast.

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Oh the 90’s kid are definitely waiting for this one! You know nostalgia has a unique way of coming back and Disney has done it again. Any guesses what record did the trailer hit in the first 24 hours? 91 million! Yeah you heard that right. But, you definitely don’t know this that the director had quite a bit of fun while auditioning for the cast. He surprised everyone by by making them sing “Hakuna Matata” from the Lion King. But according to him it was just “to confuse them”.

4. X-Men Apocalypse.

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X-Men series has been one of the favorite movies of all time, mutants trying to save the world while fighting with other mutants trying to take over the world has been quite the journey. But this movie, finally ties all loose ends, wondering how? James McAvoy finally shaves his head to match Patrick Stewart. And the wheelchair that he uses is the same wheelchair that was used in the first film. Being the villain is not so easy after all, Oscar Isaac had to re-record all his dialogues using three mic setups to make his voice sound inhuman. Quite the hard work indeed!


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