14 Behind The Scenes Secrets From Your Favorite Movies That You Don’t Wanna Miss!


5. Captain America- Civil War.

behind the scenes from favorite movies


So, besides Chris Evans looking super hot in his Captain America costume, there were some major changes in the movie. Falcon gets a new gadget in the form of a drone called Redwing. So, he can now easily scan his battlefield telepathically. Now, coming back to Chris Evans, we do get to see his biceps, but the unnatural pose lands him up with some major injuries.

6. The Avengers: Infinity War.

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We get to see all the Marvel heroes together once again. No doubt that the movie will be action packed, but besides that, it is the first nondocumentary to be filmed entirely in the format. Now, the Infinity gauntlet is not something we aren’t familiar with, we saw a sneak peak of it in Odin’s trophy room. But there remains yet another mystery to be solved. We see another one of it in Thanos’ hand! Well, here’s hoping that it is for a good reason!

7. Warcraft.

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All the gamers out there, we know you totally love the game. But did you know that the star cast too is quite the gamers themselves? They play and love Warcraft as much as you do. But there is one star who admits that he actually didn’t know what a big global sensation Warcraft is until he took the job. Any guesses on who that might be? Travis Fimmel is the answer.

8. Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.

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Okay, so this is a major one for the Turtles’ fans. The original series of the movie didn’t include fan-favorite Casey Jones. But when Michael Bay said that Casey should hit the screens as well the filmmakers came up with a solution. And Voila! Our Arrow star Stephen Amell is on the sets.


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