The Most Freaky Crazy And Wild Sleepover Stories From Reddit. Have You Ever Been In A Sleepover As Wild As These?


Sleepovers are the best thing ever! You get to stay up all night at your friend’s house and play games or watch a movie and eat snacks. But some sleepovers aren’t that perfect.

These Reddit users will tell you why. Here are their wildest sleepover stories.

1.  Why Would He Do That? There Can’t Be Anything Fap-Worthy In That Movie! 

Sleepover Stories reddit

Some sleepover stories tend to get out of hand! 

2. 10-Year-Old Boys? Humping Each Other Without Rest? 

Sleepover Stories reddit

And this Reddit user claims he was never a part of that. Yeah right!

3. I Thought Hamsters Were Generally Peaceful Pets. 

Sleepover Stories reddit

I guess he was doing something more than just playing which ticked the feisty little thing off.


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