Every Girl Craves For These 12 Types Of Hugs From Her Boyfriend!


7. Sneaking up from behind.

I’ve seen this at least a thousand times in movies and I want my boyfriend to do this so bad. We girls love surprises, no matter how much we deny, no matter how impatient we are when it comes down to gifts and stuffs. There are certain things that we just want you to know (which is basically everything), but when I’m turning my back and working in the kitchen, or maybe doing whatever I’m doing. You are supposed to come right up behind me and hug and pull me closer and give me a nice warm hug from the back.

types of hugs every girl wants from her boyfriend


8. I want you.

This is the romantic touchy feel good hug which you should definitely give her before getting too mushy mushy. Not only will this count as a foreplay but also give you full access to touching and feel her as close as possible.

types of hugs every girl wants from her boyfriendvia

9. The warm after love making hugs.

When you’re through with the sweet pain of love making, all she wants is you to wrap her up in your arms and be a little sweet Christian Grey and ask her if she’s hurt, or ask her to get some sleep, or let her know how much you love her. This is probably the best thing you can do being her boyfriend.

types of hugs girls want from their boyfriendvia 


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