Every Girl Craves For These 12 Types Of Hugs From Her Boyfriend!


10. I miss you even in my sleep.

Okay, so it’s probably 2 am at night. You’re both fast asleep, or maybe she is, roll over and and take her in your warm loving embrace. Even if she’s asleep, she’ll know it’s you, and nothing on earth can feel so good right at that moment.

types of hugs girls want from their boyfriend


11. I’m cold.

Boyfriends, the hoodie and jacket thing is getting a little old. The best thing for you to do when she says she’s cold is open your arms and hug her tight. No hoodie or jacket can match up the warmth she’ll feel when you hug her!

types of hugs all girls want from their boyfriendvia

12. We’re caterpillars in a cocoon.

THIS! The best blanket wrapping hug you can ever ask for. Lazy morning, don’t feel like getting up, time for some cocoon hugs. This is basically just wrapping the blanket around her and pulling her real close to your chest like she’s some tiny little caterpillar in need for a shelter asap. Her day’s made. 🙂

types of hugs girls want from their boyfriendvia



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