10 Mind-blowing Hidden Messages You Didn’t Notice In Your Favorite Disney Movies!


Disney was our favorite fantasy world when we were kids. And maybe for some of you, it still is. We used to do all our homework and whatever the mom instructed on time. Then only we were allowed to watch our favorite Disney movie. After all, those were the only movies we could understand as kids. Although we were too young to notice all hidden messages in  detail. Yes, we missed out a few details. Here you’ll be amused to know them all these hidden messages in Disney movies.

Here are 10 Mind-blowing Hidden Messages In Your Favorite Disney Movies :

1- This scene is from frozen. Elsa’s Royal Ball. Guess who attended it..? None other than Rapunzel and Eugene from Tangled.

hidden messages in Disney movies


2- There was one fish in Brother Bear, that didn’t quite fit with other fishes. No, wonder it took ages to find Nemo.

hidden messages in Disney movies


3- That was not the only movie Nemo appeared in. Look at this scene from Monster’s Inc. The Monster’s Inc was released 2 years before Finding Nemo.

hidden messages in Disney movies


4- Remember the scene when Tarzan and team make great music. Yes, that great musical number on which all the gorillas shake their booties. Mrs. Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast make a special appearance during the musical number!

hidden messages in Disney movies


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