22 Hilarious Texts From Ex That Show The Dark Output Of Ending A Relationship!


Hilarious Texts From Ex

Clingy ex -boyfriend or ex-girlfriend…? All of us had one of the clingy types once in a lifetime. If you already had one, you can totally relate to these hilarious texts from exes. No doubt they are a pain in the a*s. Be it their hair pin or tiny paper plane they made, they will find the stupidest reason to come in contact with you and get back together. Your ex’s texts might irritate you, but these texts from ex (random people) will make you go LOL WTF.

Look out for these Hilarious Texts From Ex yourself.


1- Fix it with some super-glue or don’t and die. Your wish.

Hilarious Texts From Ex


2- What he meant is – I’m still single and need a fix for my desperation.

Hilarious Texts From Ex



3- Like really ? What did you expect?

Hilarious Texts From Ex



4- LOLLLL. Dude go get someone else. Someone who is desperately in need of getting pregnant




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