Instagram Users Show How Different Reality Is From What It Looks Like On Instagram!


Almost everybody has an Instagram account these days, and everybody wants to flaunt their beauty and hard work and basically, everybody wants to show that they are living the best days of their lives. But, is it really the truth? Does everybody on Instagram live the best times of their lives? Or is it just a facade? Well, some of the Instagram users are debunking the myths behind the perfect Instagram photos.

Here are some of the real photos vs the Instagram photos shared by some Instagram users that show that it’s all but fake on Instagram!

1. Yes, it all looks so beautiful a few minutes after the cleanup but give it a few hours, it will reveal the reality.
Instagram users

2. One picture out of the hundreds taken during the entire process may look Instagram worthy.

3. If you’re really cursing your luck for not being so organized then you really need to see the bigger picture!
instagram users
4. Cats are not friendly all the time and the cats and the cat owners of the Instagram are finally revealing how it really be.
Instagram users
5. The picture of the left is as fake as some of the people I know, I bet that this would come as a complete shock to them.
Instagram users
6. So, you think that you can be a master at makeup just by looking at Instagram but in reality you need up looking like you’ve been hit by a unicorn.

7. Aww, so cute, isn’t he? *A few moments later*

8. Oh well, here we have another picture which is completely fake, don’t trust me? Just ask the locals!

9. It is all about the correct angles, if you have the correct angle, you’ll be the fittest one ever.

10. Nobody, I repeat, nobody wakes up so perfectly, so, call it Bull whenever somebody says that they wake up looking so perfect.



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