INTERNS Beware! 6 Intern Problems You Might Not know


Experience, well that is something to be gained, we know that. Internships are one such path to experience gain. But sometimes we hope there was software available that could be installed in our system because gaining experience is not easy, no kidding. You as an intern have to work, you have to put in effort but certain situations just screw our polite personalities (kidding obviously, polite NEVER), test our patience and we are reduced to feel like Bruce Banner- “too much pressure, I’m gonna explode!”

So fellow past, present and future interns, let’s relive the past, mourn the present and get terrified of the future for here are six situations you may face as an intern:


  1. Not enough work

This won’t bother lazy folk out there, hell the lesser to do the better the internship is! But you did opt for interning to gain valuable experience, right? You can be couch potatoes at home too, why to burn fuel every day to go to another place just to sit there and enjoy free wifi (I know that sounds heaven, I lost you at “free”)

Intern Problems

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