Lithuanian Photographer Shows How Giving Birth Changes A Woman.


Pregnancy changes a woman’s body a lot, that is needless to say, you put on a few pounds your skin complexion changes. In short, you don’t look or feel the same anymore, you don’t see the significant differences in your appearance, but over time the change looks more prominent. Becoming mothers really does change a woman physically and mentally, some succumb to the additional pressure of handling everything and not finding the time to take care of themselves.

Lithuanian photographer Vaida Razmislavičė pays tribute to mothers in her project, “Becoming a mother” and shows how a woman changes after giving birth.

1. Her eyes look softer and prettier and her face looks fuller. woman

2. I don’t know about the rest of you, but it seems to me she had a transition from being a girl to being a woman. She looks absolutely gorgeous.
3. Her hair looks prettier and she has that motherly affection and warmth in her eyes, giving birth to a child is really something that changes you.
4. She looks the same, the only major difference that I can see is that now her smile meets her eyes.

5. She looks wonderful, but a bit tired at the same time, all those sleepless nights are catching up I guess.

6. She looks so much happier than the previous photo, becoming a mother definitely makes you feel different and special.

7. She looks stern and serious in the previous photo, but in the after photo she looks soft and warm.

8. Whoa, I definitely love the hair she has afterward, I guess this is the glow that people talk about.


10. She looks happy and pretty, I’m not kidding, she looks younger than before.

11. Aww, this mom is definitely tired, but her eyes glow.

12. If this isn’t what motherhood looks like I don’t know what does.


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