Russian Artists Draw Famous People As Cartoons And It’s Adorable.


Everybody likes to have their paintings made at one point of their lives, probably that’s why the rich and the noble have tons of paintings made. But, in this era of perfect pictures clicking devices and so many filters to make you look spectacular paintings are not that common. But, hey, how would like to be an inspiration to be a cartoon character? Well, this Russian artist has imagined the famous people as Cartoon characters and they look adorable.

These cartoon versions of famous people made by this Russian Artist Lera Kiryakova looks absolutely adorable!

1. Bob Marley was one such person that was spectacular in his forms, and now as a cartoon to he looks simply bad*ss.

2. I wish she was alive to see this, she has always been one of the prettiest celebs the world has known, we miss you, Amy Winehouse.
russian artist
3. Albert Einstein may not have too many fans because that dude gave way too much information to torture the school kids. But, he did have a funny side to him.
russian artist
4. Billie Eilish looks really adorable both in reality and as a cartoon as well.
russian artist
5. We all love Newt Scamander way too much and Eddie Redmayne looks really cute in this illustration.
russian artist
6. Freddie Mercury is and always will be a legend, and he looks absolutely awesome in his cartoon form.
russian artist
7. I don’t think there has been or will be an artist who can replace the great Charlie Chaplin, he looks absolutely spectacular.
russian artist
8. Princess Diana was a true princess and she looks cuter in this cartoon form.

9. Daenerys Targaryan looks a bit different than what she actually looks like, but Drogon definitely looks cute.

10. And here we have the beautiful Emma Stone who looks cuter in this cartoon character!


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