Looks Like Time Has Stopped For These Celebrities!


Hollywood surely has some real gems in the industry, and it is true what they say, gold and diamonds can never grow old. I guess, our favorite celebrities have made an oath to never grow or at least look old for as long as they shall live. But, it really makes me wonder whether the time is really moving slowly for these celebs, or maybe they have some trick up under their sleeves!

These famous celebs have totally defied time and will probably always look young!

1. Jennifer Love Hewitt, whoa!

2. Eva Longoria, whoa, she looks even younger than before, drinking from the youth fountain, are we?
3. Matthew McConaughey looks like the laws of Interstellar have actually proved to be true for this man.
4. Jennifer Lopez, this beautiful singer, and actress has been delivering awesome performances all her life, timeless as she ever is!
5. Demi Moore, okay, what is this magic? How is she looking absolutely the same?
6. Christina Ricci, seen her when she was really young, definitely worth mentioning!
7. Julia Roberts, she has been our dream girl for years now and probably is gonna remain our favorite actress for a long time now.

8. Julianne Moore, if I say she’s beautiful, that’ll hardly be a fair judgment because she is absolutely stunning! No matter what she wears or how she does her hair. She looks absolutely gorgeous.

9. Hugh Jackman, well, hello, he is Wolverine, remember? Okay, jokes apart seriously, how does he look just the same 10 years later?

10. Naomi Campbell, she looks absolutely stunning, doesn’t she?

11. Will Smith, what can I say, just really happy that iths talented actor is forever young and evergreen no matter how old he gets.

12. Penelope Cruz, Penelope has always been one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood, simply love her, no wonder she knows magic!

13. Debra Messing, is it just me, or is she really looking exactly the same? I mean, ten years is definitely a really big gap, isn’t it?

14. Salma Hayek, this gorgeous actress is definitely timeless when it comes to looks.

15. Pharell Williams looks like he is probably aging backward. How can somebody look younger after ten years?

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