6 Interesting Love Stories Of Couples Who Found Love On Social Media!


3. Vanessa Runs, 31, and Robert (Shacky) Shackelford, 45

They met in September 2010. During those days she was under training for her marathon and used to write a blog to share her running experiences. One day, Robert, a veteran ultramarathon runner, landed up on her blog and started giving tips. Vanessa, a beginner, didn’t know many runners those days, hence valued his suggestions and also responded to them. With time, they became friends and chatting over Facebook and Skype. They became so attached that he even flew from San Diego to Canada to guide her in her marathon. Just friendship? It can only be love! Now both the runners travel around the country together and Vanessa also tracks their adventures on her blog site, VanessaRuns.com.

couples, love on social media


4. Jamie Light, 32, and Aaron Snyder, 36
Jamie and Snyder met in April 2009 and got married on October 9, 2011. And, even Jack Dorsey, Twitter co-founder, sent them a tweet to congratulate them on their wedding.

Both Jamie and Snyder lived in California and were die-hard fans of LA Dodgers. They often tweeted about its performance with the hashtag “#Dodgers”.

Snyder, a television producer for SportsNet LA, usually followed the hashtag and searched to see what others commented. Once it happened during the spring of 2009 that he came across a great sarcastic tweet by Jamie. He instantly clicked on her account and enjoyed her hilarious tweets and was attracted her pretty picture.

Aaron Snyder geared up with the courage one day and sent Jamie a direct message telling her that he liked her tweets. Jamie tweeted him back, and the two hit it off online. Eventually, after a way of chatting, Aaron invited Jamie to come to LA (where he lived currently) to go to a Dodgers game. And the game served as their first date in October 2009.

The Dodgers’ win gave Aaron an excuse to invite Jamie back. He immediately purchased tickets to game one of the playoff series and their second date was booked four days later. Their relationship later continued online and offline and soon Jamie moved to Los Angeles. They found their love on social media, and finally got married.

couples, love on social media



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