People Are More Attractive Than They Think They Are!


Some people have a habit of underestimating their charming capabilities. People are sometimes really oblivious to how gorgeous they look and suffer in complexes. You may think that people may find you as someone who has below average looks and zero attractive qualities. But, in reality, they may admire you absolutely for who you really are. and it’s high time that you realize that you are more attractive than you think you are!

Here are a few signs that will help you realize that you are more attractive than you think you are!

1. You don’t get enough compliments.

More attractive

Honestly, all of us love compliments, and sometimes it’s a little disappointing when you don’t get the expected compliments. But, does it actually make you any less beautiful? Let me tell you something dear girl, sometimes people are jealous of you, or think that you already have enough compliments and really couldn’t care much.

2. You constantly feel like you’re the least beautiful person in the room.

More attractive

Self-doubt is the mother of all complexities, they are always going to be people around you who are maybe more beautiful than you, or less beautiful than you. But this doesn’t take away your beauty, in fact, you are your own kind of beautiful.

3. When someone finally compliments you, it feels like they are saying it out of courtesy.More attractive

Being humble and being really pessimistic are entirely two different things. When people compliment you learn to accept their compliments without second-guessing and decoding what they actually try to mean.

4. Strangers often try to make eye contact with you.

More attractive

If you often find strangers trying to get a glimpse at you or even trying to make eye contact. They are usually trying to appreciate your attractiveness and how they can’t resist but look.

5. People raise their brows when they look at you.

People often read this expression wrong, this particular expression is equivalent to a reflex action that indicates that we’ve seen something really astonishing.

6. People make a real quick duck lip when they see you.

This is another body gesture that tells you if someone finds you attractive, this expression is a form of kiss which is subtle but only forms when you see an attractive person.

7. People don’t keep a distance from you.

More attractive

If you still have doubts whether you’re really appealing or not, notice whether the person talking to you moves closer to you or not.

8. People don’t believe that a person like you can have complexes.

Honestly, when beautiful people have complexes, its like rich people saying they don’t have enough money.

9. People are either too rude or too polite when it comes to you.

Apply some common sense yourself, and think for a second why will anybody be rude to you for no reason at all? It is simply because they envy you.

10. Certain faces light up when you enter a room full of people.

Okay, so accept the fact that you’re really pretty and let poor and ugly people have the privilege to cry over their looks and wallets!


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