These Instagram VS Reality Photos Are Way Too Relatable!


Please don’t fall for the Instagram hype, people who fall for the flawless pictures that users upload aren’t always showing you the reality. You have no idea how fake Instagram pictures can really be, you can literally be in your bathroom and posting a selfie coating “#Best Club I’ve Ever Been To!” So, before you actually jump to concluding that they have an awesome life hold back. This blogger from Germany, Geraldine West shows the reality in her hilarious Instagram VS Reality photoshoot!

This Blogger hilariously shows us the reality with her Instagram VS Reality pictures are they are so true!

1. Honestly, have you ever seen anybody jogging or working out without even a drop of sweat on their faces? Faker Alert!
Instagram vs reality

2. If rowing was so much fun, everybody would want to row their boats gently down the stream. But, it isn’t so, no thank you, but I’ll pass.
Instagram vs reality
3. Picnics are never ever so delicate, they aren’t exactly the rich people’s charity ball, so stop giving people false expectations.
Instagram vs reality
4. What are you carrying inside your suitcase? Feathers perhaps? Nobody looks this calmed and poised with luggage in their hands.Instagram vs reality
5. Only if spring photos were so blooming. Instead, they leave you with pink eye and runny nose.
Instagram vs reality
6. Being sick and looking this pretty? And you’re telling me people will actually believe you? Nope, never.
7. Beaches are more fun when you go dipping in the cool water. What is with these people?

8. Only if snowfall was so nice and comforting, but, it’s not, you feel like you’re freezing inside out and are about to pass out.

9. Seriously? Dressing rooms are not supposed to make you look pretty. Trust me!10. Running errands isn’t really that cheerful, honestly, what are you, an alien?

11. Only if I were rich enough to flaunt a Louis Vuitton bag, instead I make do with Aldi!
12. Seriously? do you actually know what having fun is? That is what having fun looks like not the fake picture!


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