What Celebs Looked Like Before Changing Their Appearances


Celebrities are fashion icons for most people and trend settlers. The clothes they wear are suddenly seen in the whole city, their hairs are trends and so are their looks. Many people have spent thousands of dollars trying to have makeovers to make them look like their ideal celebrities. The appearances of celebs change from time to time as well. They have different looks they try every week. The ones that suit them most stay more than just a week and rest we all know if it turns as a disaster. But, not like the celebs weren’t normal people like us and had common appearances like us. They had to transform themselves with enough tinkering in their looks to make them look like what we see them.

Below are some of the celebs and their looks before they changed their appearances:

Mariah Carey.

You can’t even recognize her if two versions of her stood side by side.

Meg Ryan.

Meg has tried her best to maintain her looks at this age and that’s appreciable.


Beyonce has just changed her type, from a normal woman to a blonde.

Miley Cyrus.

The little girl we used to sing on TV as Hannah Montana has evolved a lot over time. She often changes her styles and they’re just amazing.

Taylor Swift.


At the starting of her career vs the real-life Barbie, she has become now.

Kim Kardashian.

Trust me, she’s the one celeb on this list who is mostly plastic now, could be better if she could go back and be this simple girl.

Blake Lively.


Being simple has always been Balke’s trademark.

Meryem Uzerli.

The Turkish actress looks great no matter what.

Jennifer Lopez.


No, they’re two different people, this can’t be…

Jennifer Lawrence.



Jennifer used to be this cute kid when she was in the starting of her career in the sitcom ‘The Bill Engvall Show’. And now, she’s an epitome of beauty as we all know.


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