People Who Unashamedly Rebelled Against Fashion.


Making a Fashion statement is what everybody hopes for. To follow the latest trends and look your best is what we all aim at. But, in every generation, there are rebels who don’t really want to fit into the frame and want to stand out. It would have been a good thing to but they rebelled against fashion this time and made a really big mess.

These people unashamedly rebelled against fashion and lived to tell the tale.

1. When you want to be a cowboy but the only thing that you can work well with is your roller skates.

2. When you’re a die-heart Lady Gaga fan, but you forget that you aren’t Lady Gaga so meat shoes don’t really suit you.
3. That is by far the weirdest foam jacket that I’ve ever seen what do you want to be a centipede?
4. When you’re a bit late for the last fashion trend but you don’t want to miss out on it and try it all at once.
5. When you have one good body part and you’re way too keen on showing it off, but that’s really not cool buddy.rebelled
6. Okay, lady, you’re literally screaming for attention. And what on Earth is inside that purse that needs to be protected so badly?
7.  That is a great, one hell of a place to place that print cause that doesn’t looks inappropriate at all. *Slow claps*

8. Good thing that you’re embracing your lady bit, but dude, that is not how you dress up in public, you aren’t Kylie Jenner ffs!

9. And here’s another example folks on why we shouldn’t buy what we see online.

10. And how the hell am I supposed to utilize the inverted pockets? I mean, seriously that is just absolute garbage for the sake of design.

11. Is that plastic? Why does this dress look like my dad’s Sunday shopping bag?

12. If this is what I think it is then, girl, you’ve made one hell of a mess.


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