Reflections Can Open Portals To Different Worlds And These Pictures Are Proof!


Reflections can cause some serious misunderstandings, we all remember the story of the greedy dog, don’t we? Who fell for his own reflection in the water and lost his bone. Well, not all reflection can make you lose something, some can really amaze you!

These reflections look as if they opened a portal to another world!

1. This car has eyes of his own! Oh, that’s just the reflection of the street lamps.

2. What’s a tiny fish doing in the wine glass? Oh, okay, that is just the reflection of somebody’s headphones behind the glass.
3. This looks simply mesmerizing, it appears as if the entire street is contained in this glass.
4. No, this isn’t a glitch in the matrix, just glasses reflecting the sunlight.
5. When nature is a perfectionist, look at how perfectly the branch reflection and the fallen leaves have aligned themselves!
6. Dogs are indeed magical creatures, this picture is proof of it.
7. The lights above have given these glasses eyes of their own.

8. Whoa! That is some serious sorcery, these stoves and pans are in a perfect position for the reflected images to appear as facial features.

9. The lamp above is giving this iPhone a 3-D look.

10. These tunnels seem neverending, definitely worth a second look.

11. Before you scream help, this building isn’t on fire. This is what it appears after reflecting the sunlight during the sunset.

12. Looks like this man has a different body, thanks to the mirrors.

13. Wow, the tapestry has given this cup of tea such beautiful designs.

14. That isn’t a planet in the sky, just a steering wheel. But, you too were under the impression of a planet, isn’t it?

15. No, the car isn’t painted in two colors, that is just one hell of a perfect reflection of an identical car.

16. Is this man carrying Voldermort at the bag of his head?


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