These Are The 12 Roles That Your Favorite Celebrities Want You To Forget!


7. Ben Affleck in Mallrats

There has been good films and bad films in his career, this I think fits it the latter. As the prequel to the fantastic Clerks of 1994, Mallrats had large shoes to fill before a single frame had been committed to celluloid. Unfortunately, those shoes it did not fill at all after costing a reported $6 million to make, and taking only $2.1 million in the box office. This might’ve been the turning point in his life, so I guess it’s only fair that you take a few chances!

roles our favorite celebrities want us to forget


8. Daniel Craig in King Arthur

Now Craig is quite the killer as opposed to the time when he played the role of a kid in King Arthur. Back in the cold and unforgiving world of 1995, however, Craig was simply another actor trying to make it big. The only really redeeming features the film has is the inclusion of the then fairly unknown Kate Winslet and Daniel Craig. If only they were stars then, perhaps the film would have done slightly better than absolute failure.

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9. Elijah Wood in Back to the Future II

Who could ever forget the Lord of the Rings lead, Frodo! Well this is not the film that we’re going to talk about, obviously. But we are indeed talking, the Back to the Future II special appearance kid. Though the role didn’t involve much acting. But we give him credits to stand out in the movie among the star cast.

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