Sarcastic Replies To People’s Absurd Questions!


A youngster’s life is surrounded with ‘When’, ‘What’ , ‘Why’….. that too from people who have absolutely nothing to do with your matters. It seems as if the whole world wants to know whether you made it to that College, cracked that interview & met your parents’ expectations or not! Have you really got fed up of those question marks and want to return the favour in the most sarcastic way possible?? You Go, Buddy! Here are some sarcastic replies you can try!

Here is a list of some totally absurd questions people ask and the most sarcastic replies to them, to make sure they don’t dare do it again!0


1) What’s your salary?

Am I going to share half the amount with you or you’d lend me some pennies in case you find it a tiny-meeny amount?? Can’t you just be happy that I’ve finally found a job and keep aside your absurd questions?? Just thrust the sweet into your mouth and leave, please!


2) Why are you single?

Because I’m saving myself from as annoying a partner as you!

sarcastic replies

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3) Should I make your profile on a matrimonial site?

Yes, please! And why don’t you distribute pamphlets among the passers-by or put me in a showcase with a ‘SALE’ board on it??


4) Did you qualify that entrance exam??

Why don’t you guess yourself?? Had I qualified it, I wouldn’t be here, left alone to face your heart-wrenching remarks. Instead, my mom would have already been announcing this breaking news in the whole colony!

sarcastic replies

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