These “Screw It, I’m Done” Moments Are Definitely Gonna Freak You Out!


Some people have a real bad habit of getting on your nerve. No matter how much you try to keep your calm, some situations in life actually go way beyond your patience limits. And you are forced to say this out loud, “Screw it, I’m done”. These people share their moments of patience level indicating “bare minimum” and you will definitely feel their desperation!

Here are 12 confessions of people who had their, “Screw it, I’m done” moments. You’ll definitely relate to many of them!

1. Happens all the frigging time!

screw it, I'm done moments


Worked for a snack food company in Colorado. On my last employee review, received great accolades from the owner and he stated that since I was the only buyer and the company was growing they would hire someone to help and I would be the manager. Six months later the owner pulled me aside on a Wednesday and told me they hired someone that was starting on Monday and that I would be reporting to that person. I gave my notice on the spot. Later, I looked at that person Linkedin and she had 1 year, 4 months experience…I have 20 plus.


2. First Job in High School. Bad experience!

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The first job in high school I booked a short holiday away. Spoke to manager in work and she told me I could not have it off for no reason as the only person who could cover was also on holiday in another country. They walked into the store the next day. Spoke to them and they said yeah they could cover easily. Went back to the manager and she still flat out told me, no, so went fuck it. I’m done. Handed in my notice and went on that holiday. Don’t bullshit your staff.


3. Nope, can’t take this anymore!

screw it, I'm done momentsvia

“Sorry can’t take you to ER because I have bad hair”. Was all I needed to hear to understand that person is a piece of shit and need not have anything to do with her.



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