5 Signs That Draw The Fine Line Between “Boyfriend/Girlfriend” & “Life Partner”


There *is* a difference between being just ‘boyfriend-girlfriend’ and being ‘partners for life‘. There are some who date casually to either boast themselves in front of their friends or in the hope of finding someone better…… while on the contrary, there are few who take pride in being a ‘one-woman man’ or ‘one-man-woman’ till eternity. Before you think of calling your life partner your ‘soulmate’, there are some peaks you need to summit….. some milestones you need to cross.

1) There is no word like ‘Break-up’ in your dictionary!

Because you’ve grown-up seeing your parents fight, argue, not talking for a while but then coming back together as if nothing at all happened. Before planning to make your love story like that of Romeo & Juliet’s, you need to understand that break-up is the solution of nothing. If you two still give each other the ‘I will leave you’ threatening , your relationship is surely lagging behind from being fairy-tale. Stay there and make efforts to mend the loose ends. Don’t just shrug your shoulders and run away!

How Do You Know Your life Partner Is the One?


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