Ever Wondered A Poop Museum? 8 Weird Things That Only Exist In Japan!


When we think about Japan many things from anime to those crowded subways and weird things in technology crosses our mind.Many things invented and used in Japan are still a mystery. They have a technology for almost everything that we do with our hands.The country where almost all the people excel in kung-fu or karate. Despite the country’s uniqueness, it is one of the weirdest countries in the world.

Here are some bizarre and weird things in Japan that make this country amazing.

1.A Poop Museum.

Yes, this museum displays all kinds of toilets and waste there are in the world. If you ever get to visit this museum in Tokyo ( Japan ) then you will get a well-rounded education on toilets and poops. If you like rides then you’ll like this museum. It has a giant slide constructed as a toilet which drives you a long way giving a chance to take a look at different kinds of toilets and poops including animal poops.

They give you a hat like a swirling poop and in the end, you get clay to make a display model of your poop.

 Weird Things That Only Exist In Japan!

2.Train Stuffing.

Everyone is familiar with the population of Japan and also the rule of using only public transport for traveling. In such cases, subways are the only means of fast travel in large cities like Tokyo and often due to overcrowding people get jammed in the doors thus delaying subways.

The Japanese helped partially solve this problem by employing oshiya, or train pushers, who add their muscle when commuters get jammed up around the doors to ensure everyone gets crammed in. Oshiyas are not employed everywhere and get rarer as every year passes. Nonetheless, you can still find them at older and smaller stations, especially during rush hour.

 Weird Things That Only Exist In Japan!


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