Someone Imagined Your Favourite Disney Characters As Humans And The Results Will Blow Your Mind


Have you ever imagined how our favorite Disney characters would look if they were humans? Well a Canadian artist has.
Our love for Disney characters goes back to our childhood days. Every 90’s kid would remember spending an hour or two everyday watching Disney shows.
Disney has taken our thought process to next level by giving voice to the voiceless. If today we can understand an animal’s body language, the credit for the same goes to Disney.
Disney has given us animals as cartoon characters that talk and dance and do everything a human does. Be it The Jungle Book or The Lion King or Timon and Pumba – having the inhabitants of forests speak on screen like life like characters has been an treat to watch and an memory to cherish.

Scroll down to see how some of the famous Disney characters would look as humans.


One of the most hit cartoon characters, best known for his stupidity and goof ups, we certainly have many Goofy-like characters in Tinseltown.

Bagheera and Baloo

The Artist has done a great job in capturing the cartoon character’s signature element and giving it a human transformation.

Simba, Timon and Pumba

The Lion King has been one of Disney’s most successful movies. Timon and Pumba even had a separate Disney show to their name.


This has to be one of the best cosplay of Shrek’s Donkey character

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde

Who doesn’t remembers Zootopia? The engrossing journey of Judy and Nick?

Banzai, Shenzi, And Ed

The Hyneas that tried to attack baby Simba as human characters in The Lion King

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

We often see people adorning Micky and Minnie’s getup roaming around in Disneyland. The complete human transformation is certainly a bit awkward to digest.

ScarDisney’s epic bad boy from The Lion King again.

Lady and The Tramp

The Canadian artist surely have a knack for portraying human characters with the same expression as animal ones.

Simba and Nala

With Disney announcing live action remake of The Lion King scheduled to release in 2019, these human makeover of characters is a treat to see.


Image Credits: Sakisakimi



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