Striking Photos That Show Generation Gap At It’s Best.


You won’t even realize you’re getting old when one fine day somebody points it out to you. When things seem really unfamiliar around you, or you have a hard time figuring out how it works, it simply means that you’re getting old my friend! Well, the generation gap has always existed and will probably always exist in the future with technologies advancing with each passing day. But, these striking photos actually hold up the generation gap in its raw form!

These striking photos will actually show what generation gap is all about!

1. This is quite relatable, when I used to leave for a party, I used to look like a party clown, and my sister actually looks like she’s about to break some hearts!
striking photos

2. Um, Okay, I may be really older than you, but I ain’t ancient moonpie!

3. Motorola Razr being in a museum is a legit sign that you’ve become old enough now. Those were the good days, seriously!

4. Girls at 14 look like adults whereas 90’s kids looked like 10 even though they were 15!

5. Honestly, this is what this generation has come to, no more lego obsession. They are way too interested to play on the iPad these days!

6. Uh, you do realize that you have an actual table tennis laying right over there. Why do you need a video game when you can have real fun!

7. Seriously guys, if you know what this is, you are definitely not of this generation. I miss these little fellas!

8. Honestly, what’s with the kids these days trying to look like adults already, trust me, you do not want to take the adult responsibilities!

9. Two different generations and two different fashion sense.

10. Somebody asked me what these were, say hello to the first generation USBs my friends!
striking photos
11. Kids these days will have no idea what fun this was!
striking photos
12. You have buttons to do the job, we actually had to work pretty hard to get the windows down.
striking photos
13. This shows how the generations have changed, definitely a nice click.
striking photos
14. Oh, this was really fun! Cassettes, I wish kids these days got to see what our favorite past time actually was!
striking photos
15. Yep, yep, totally feel you there!


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